WeAreYVR was founded in 2012, when a group of entrepreneurs and community builders decided that it was time to have a community hub for Vancouver’s startup community.

After a year of figuring out logistics and getting initial funding, we hired a lead curator to evaluate community support for the project. In months, we had 23 agencies and organizations agree that this was not only a project that they would use, but contribute to. These are WeAreYVR’s data partners, who have agreed to share public information about startups they work with. 

Funding sponsors and partners are agencies and companies who believe that community is worth building, and that a platform that builds metrics along with social cohesion is something they want to support. Our sponsors are included in this list »

WeAreYVR is a project run under Launch Academy, a federally registered Canadian not for profit.

Boris Mann is the executive sponsor of WeAreYVR. He has been an active member of the startup community for ten years, and has seen how community platforms have changed over time. After co-founding Bootup Labs (the first accelerator in Canada), Pixel Crafters (the largest tech meetup in Vancouver), and Full Stack, an angel investment firm in Vancouver BC, Boris believes WeAreYVR - an open data, community building web hub - is the next step in levelling up Vancouver’s startup community.

Ray Walia is the executive director of Launch Academy, the largest tech accelerator in Vancouver. Ray recognizes the importance of shared community assets, and is administrating WeAreYVR’s finances and not for profit activities. 

Claire Atkin is the lead curator for WeAreYVR. She studies urban economic and community development, and recognizes WeAreYVR as a world leader in this realm. WeAreYVR is an open data, open source metrics building platform that syncs with other databases and uses technology and community to measure its success. She believes that telling Vancouver’s story is a part of building connectivity and transparency in the industry - and will help to foster sustainable economic growth in the region.

Jenn Cooper and Brewhouse were the initial developers for WeAreYVR, which syncs with StartupGenome.co and provides a platform for users and metrics building. Jenn is a Ruby and JavaScript developer in Vancouver, BC. 

Denim and Steel branded WeAreYVR. Todd Sieling and Tylor Sherman worked with Amanda Fenton to research and build an identity brand report, before coming together with Sam Dal Monte on a final brand for the site. You can see their work here.