WeAreYVR is a startup directory and information hub for Vancouver, BC. It displays information about startups, accelerators, and investors in the city, as well as job postings and event listings catered just for the startup community.

WeAreYVR collects data for Startup Genome by working with local agencies and organizations who deal with startups. Since August, over twenty accelerators, incubators, government organizations, and university programs have agreed to share public information about startups in the city.

Startup Genome is a close partner of WeAreYVR’s. It helps to hold data and distribute it internationally, while WeAreYVR focuses on championing the local community.See the Startup Health Check summary for a fuller explanation. 

Having a local website that syncs with Startup Genome enables local branding and local sponsorship. This sponsorship helps to pay for more accurate curation and reporting of industry information. It also helps provide a welcoming mat for the startup community in the form of someone who’s job it is to welcome visitors and newcomers to the city.

What is a startup? Currently, we’re defining startups as small teams of people slating their business for high geographic and financial growth. We are starting with digital tech startups because that’s what we know, but it’s possible we’ll expect to clean tech or biotech in the coming year.

Our goal is to make Vancouver’s startup community more connected, more transparent, and more welcoming. As of March, WeAreYVR received enough municipal and provincial sponsorship that we are building the platform. We are targeting service providers, larger startups, and other community organizations for varying levels of sponsorship currently.

The open source code for WeAreYVR will be available for free when it is built. This project is replicable in any city thanks to Startup Genome’s open data API.