WeAreYVR's data partners collect and process information about local startups, agencies, accelerators, and investors, and associated events and jobs listings. They only share public information with WeAreYVR, and never at the expense of their respective privacy agreements.

Our goal is to provide up-to-date data on Vancouver's startup community, in order to best present our city as a hub of startup activity. We also welcome newcomers to the community by providing them with the most comprehensive list of community members available.

Here is WeAreYVR's current list of data partners. They are all local community leaders and facilitators, and we are proud to include them in this project.

Launch Academy 
Canadian Youth in Business 
Grow Lab 
Vancouver Economic Commission
Entrepreneurship at UBC 
Beedie School of Business at SFU Surrey 
Nanaimo Innovation Island 
Startup Digest 
Startup Grind
Startup Weekend
Radius Ventures
New Ventures BC
Victory Square Labs

Sharing public data allows the community to better rally for the sake of its economic and social development.

Providing a local directory of startups and their affiliated support system is the first step to building metrics about the community, properly evaluating local successes and failures, and attracting investment and talent to Vancouver.

WeAreYVR thanks our data partners for their collaboration and support. Interested in learning more about becoming a data partner, supporter, or sponsor of WeAreYVR? Get in touch!